New AuSIS™ Family Line

Scan, compare, and report at the touch of a button.
High-accuracy 3D laser Scanners

Designed using cutting edge optical and laser technology
Unsurpassed accuracy and scan quality
Ultra high resolution

Offering Advanced Customized Solutions

Robotic Arm for fully automatic scanning
2 axis rotary table for use with smaller parts and dental scans
Multi-axis rail system for maximum efficiency
Only scanner in the world to use a green laser for lower noise and better accuracy
Hardware and software can be customized to any level to increase functionality and ease of use
Custom software for inspection
Fully automated custom solutions

Robotic Arm
Rail System
Rotary Table
  • Imports directly into popular CAD and CAM programs
  • Exports .stl, .obj, .ascii and other file formats
  • Produces 3D scanner images quickly
USB plug & play reverse engineering

Reverse engineering at an affordable price

SAS Benefits:

• Seamless integration with 3D scanner
• Simplifies scanning process by creating a single composite scan
• Economical and sophisticated
• Platform Rotates 360°
• Platform holds objects up to 12 lbs and 8” in diameter
• Industry tested with more than 10,000 duty cycles
• Highly accurate (repeatability of .001”)
• Optional preconfigured laptop